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About Our Company

Bennett Builders LLC was established in May 2017, but our journey as a company started long before.  With over 16 years of experience in the construction industry, we have learned the importance of precision in every aspect of the building process. Our mission is to approach each and every project with the knowledge, skill, passion, and attention to detail necessary to produce good-quality construction.  We are on-site at each of our projects, ensuring that homeowners are getting the most out of their investments.  We love to build lasting relationships with every one of our clients.  

"There's something special about watching a project come together, and homeowners getting to see their ideas and plans turn into a reality.  I have had the pleasure of returning to some of our completed projects, and just seeing a family living in that new space and the way it came together with furniture and decor, brings such a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude, and really makes all of the long days worth it."

-Jonathan Bennett

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